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Turning unloved train wagons into luxury glamping accommodation

Our vision for the site was to transform these unloved railway wagons into quirky, luxurious glamping pods, for people to enjoy.

In 2019 we decided to jump in at the deep end and purchased 3 old, unloved railway wagons, when they arrived we did think to ourselves “what have we done!” they were rotten and falling apart. But with a little help from a friend the work began…

This is the condition the old train wagons were in before we started work on them.

On going work to transform the train wagons

Things began to take shape quickly, the floor made, and the roof on, the inside was boarded and insulated.

For a good 3 months and by April 2019 our 1st railway wagon was finished and all that was left to do is site it.

pen rhos luxury glamping wagon accommodation

Sighting the wagons

Sighting the wagons was quite a challenge as they are very heavy, so with a homemade axel and tractor we managed to sight the wagon in the spot we had prepared.

Ready to open!

After all of the hard work it took, we are incredibly happy with how its all turned out. In 2019 we opened to our first paying guests, making all that hard work worthwhile!

”A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work” Colin Powell

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